Survey Deletion Coverage Q&A

The TREC 1-4 Residential Contract (Resale) Form includes an option to amend or delete the general survey exception in the Owner’s Title Policy.
  • What is Survey Coverage?
    Survey Coverage insures the boundaries of your property and any loss to the owner due to boundary conflicts or any loss due to encroaching improvements which are not shown on the survey.
  • NOTE: Survey Coverage does NOT insure against matters, conflicts, encroachments, etc. that are shown on the survey.
  • How much does this Coverage cost?
    The cost for survey deletion coverage on a residential transaction is 5% of the basic premium. For example:
    Sales Price Basic Title Premium Cost for Survey Coverage
    $100,000 $875.00 $43.75
    $300,000 $1,983.00 $99.15
    $500,000 $3,091.00 $154.55
    $1,000,000 $5,861.00 $293.05
  • What is required to obtain Survey Coverage?
    An accurate and complete survey is needed for review.
  • Why is the phrase “Shortages in Area” not deleted from the general exception?
    The Texas Department of Insurance prohibits title companies from insuring exact acreage.
  • What is the benefit of purchasing Survey Coverage?
    It protects the Buyers against errors made by the surveyor or claims by neighboring owners concerning boundaries or encroachments.

(Texas Title Insurance rates are promulgated by the Texas Department of Insurance.)